Smart Occasional Chair

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Smart Occasional Chair

Frame Color:

- Black with Black Trim

B - Black with Black Trim
D - Silver with Dark Gray Trim
T - Chrome 3 with Black Trim (+87.00)
R - Chrome 3 with Dark Gray Trim (+87.00)
Back Mesh:

- Monofilament Stripe

M - Monofilament Stripe
C - Silver Check
N - Pinstripe
A - Dash
J - Catena
Mesh Color:

Seat Textile:

- Corde 4

CF - Corde 4
K - Lotus
FT - Fourtis
F - Ginkgo (+22.00)
TL - Ticino (Chrome-Free Leather) (+436.00)
CL - Corvara (Chrome-Free Leather) (+905.00)
Textile Color:

Fire Proofing:

- Standard Plastics & Foams

- - Standard Plastics & Foams
C - CAL133 approved chair (+44.00)

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