• M/Connect™ Docking Station

  • M/Flex

  • Para/Flex

  • M2 ® Monitor Arm

  • M8 Monitor Arm

  • M8 Crossbar

  • M/Power™ Charging Station

Monitor Arms

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In today’s fast-paced, fully connected digital world, there’s no time for discomfort. Humanscale monitor arms enable instant personalization of the workspace for improved comfort, health, and productivity.

Our monitor arms not only promote a clutter-free workspace, they support a healthier, more ergonomic working posture. Users are encouraged to align the monitor at the correct height for them, which helps prevent eye and neck strain. When paired with M/Connect™ — the first-ever integrated monitor arm base and docking station of its kind — they are even more conducive to collaborative and hot-desking environments.

All of our monitor arms are ultra-sleek, exceptionally durable, and easy to adjust. From our best-selling, high-performance M2 ® monitor arm to M/Flex — the world’s most scalable monitor system — Humanscale offers a solution for every environment and hardware support need.

With more technology than ever before and increasingly agile workforces, our arms enhance the computing experience and overall workstation performance.


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