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Our team specializes in optimizing workstation design for wellness and peak performance. Whether your organization is designing a new work environment or looking to enhance an existing one, we help formulate cost-effective strategies that boost comfort and overall employee satisfaction. Our approach is highly customized based on your organization’s current need and priorities. Components of our approach are summarized below:

Design Consulting

Designing Healthy Work Environments

This stakeholder level educational program elevates awareness of how to avoid common pitfalls when designing modern work environments. We discuss key research developments in the areas of seating, input device design, sit/stand, display technology, and lighting. Attendees learn how ergonomic principles are applied to the design of computer workstations to reduce employee discomfort and risk of injury while lowering employer costs.

Risk Assessment

We conduct a thorough onsite risk assessment of the current work environments to prioritize risk, pinpoint current ergonomics challenges, and identify cost effective improvement strategies to formulate design recommendations.

Review of proposed workstation design

We review design schematics, workstation mock-ups, and equipment standards from an object vendor-neutral ergonomist perspective to identify strengths and potential area of improvement.

Ergonomics Strategy & Process

Our team develops a comprehensive ergonomics strategy and process for selecting workstation components based on relevant industry standards and guidelines. Additionally, we complete an analysis of occupant requirements, tasks, and work tools to aid in the integration of ergonomics design principles.

Post Move Ergonomics Training Program

Our Post Move Ergonomics Training Program combines training sessions with individualized workstation fittings. This approach proves to be the most cost effective and time efficient means of improving ergonomic awareness while maximizing worker comfort and reducing injury risks.

Post Move Program Support

This phase involves the creation of an evaluation process for maintaining occupant well-being including metrics, evaluation frequency and implementation timelines.

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Humanscale's ergonomic consulting team specializes in creating the ergonomic and optimized workspace design for peak performance and comfort.