LEED PC 44 Implementation

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LEED PC 44 Implementation


Pursuing LEED credit for ergonomics? We can help.

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) offers LEED credit to organizations that are able to meet minimum ergonomic requirements. The intent of LEED v4 PC44: Ergonomics Approach for Computer Users is to, ‘improve occupant well-being (human health, sustainability and performance) through integration of ergonomics principles, specifically in the design of work spaces for all computer users.’

Download the complete requirements here.

LEED Requirements

Our team of certified ergonomists would assist your project team in meeting each of the following requirements:

Requirement 1: Review of Proposed Workstation Design

Ergonomist review of design schematics, workstation mock ups and equipment standards to highlight strengths and potential areas of improvement.

Requirement 2: Ergonomics Strategy & Process

Development of a comprehensive ergonomics strategy and process for selecting workstation components based on relevant industry standards and guidelines. Complete analysis of occupant requirements, tasks and work tools to aid in the integration of ergonomics design principles.

Requirement 3: Development of an Onsite Training Program

Development and implementation of a move-in and post move onsite educational program for staff.

Requirement 4: Program Support

Creation of an evaluation process for maintaining occupant well-being including metrics, evaluation frequency, and implementation timelines.

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