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Navigating Our Way Towards A World Without Greenwashing: Q&A

On Tuesday, July 19, Humanscale CSO Jane Abernethy joined design writer Roddy Clarke of Forbes and The Financial Times to discuss navigating through a world of greenwashing, the power of transparent communication, and actionable steps toward understanding a company's true impact. It was a lively conversation that delved into the important topic of greenwashing, how to spot misleading sustainability claims, and why it’s so critical to separate fact from fiction.

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The New Home Office Tips Every Designer Needs

Who among us didn’t go through a journey on the way to creating a suitable work-from-home space? The goal for most of us was to match the same professional productivity we had at the office but without fully disrupting the comforts (or aesthetics) of home, so we tinkered and updated and optimized until it did the job.

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Saving the Planet, One Product at a Time

26 of our products are now certified net positive. What exactly does “net positive” mean? And who decides what qualifies?

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Rethinking Stain-Resistant Coatings

As part of our commitment to overall net positivity, Humanscale is committed to using exclusively healthy materials in our products. This decision has brought to light an industry standard that many manufacturers fail to question—stain-resistant coatings.

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