Humanscale believes redefining "waste" water in manufacturing will have a transformative impact on preserving this precious natural resource, and the global ecosystem as a whole.

Reducing our Footprint. Enlarging our Handprint.

Making products that operate within the water balance of a given place, reducing our footprint and making our handprint larger.


A footprint is the measure of negative impact on the Earth's ecosystems. Our Life-Cycle Assessment calculates the amount of water, energy and carbon used across our supply chain: from extraction of resources to processing, manufacturing, assembly and shipping.


A handprint is the measure of positive impacts on the environment. It is calculated from improvements in our materials, processes and operations, or from new activities and initiatives we implement to make a positive contribution.

Our Water Footprint

The goal of the Living Product Challenge is to ensure that the sum total of all footprints and handprints equals an overall positive contribution to the earth; ie. a net handprint.


gallons per year

Diffrient Smart Chairs


gallons per year

Float Tables


gallons per year

Net Water in Manufacturing

Net Positive Water

We have calculated our total water footprint by looking at how water is used by our facilities, shippers and suppliers. By 2019, with help from programs we are implementing to increase water efficiency and cleanliness in various parts of the world, Humanscale's water handprint will be larger than our footprint.

Positive Environmental Handprint

Water is primarily used for cooling (processing aluminum), waste treatment (formulation of nylon), and the production of electricity (cardboard packaging).



Net Positive Handprint

634,827 gallons

Negative Environmental Footprint

We continually reduce our footprint as much as possible. Once production becomes extremely efficient, the footprint will stay fairly constant from year to year.


25,753,182 gallons

3,807,682 gallons

11,334,458 gallons

Net Water used in Manufacturing
gallons per year

Negative Environmental

25,753,182 gallons


Net Positive

The manufacturer must develop and publicly share a three-year plan to reduce the product's footprint and create a handprint greater than the footprint.


All of the water used for production comes from captured rainwater.

The Diffrient Smart chair uses approximately 2,000 gallons of water per year during the manufacturing of foam seat cushions. It is captured for reuse throughout the process.

The Float table uses no water in Humanscale's facilities.

Place Energy

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