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Don Chadwick

Legendary designer Don Chadwick is renowned for his pioneering work in ergonomics and seating design.

Growing up in California, his love of furniture design was inherited from his cabinetmaker grandfather. Chadwick studied at the University of California, Los Angeles, and worked for architect Victor Gruen before establishing his own practice in 1964.

His work has received numerous accolades, including a Time Magazine’s Best of the Decade Award. He was the co-designer of the award-winning Aeron chair.

Chadwick partnered with Humanscale to create the Ballo stool. Inspired by the traditional exercise ball, the colorful stool is Chadwick’s playful reinterpretation. A departure from his previous designs, Ballo promotes flexibility, freedom and fun, while encouraging the sitter to flex, stretch and move.

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Don Chadwick