Handprints Over Footprints

Working to Create a

Net Positive Impact

Footprints: Only Half of the Equation

Footprints are the damage we do by consuming resources and emitting pollution. No matter how small, they are still a negative impact. Which raises the questions:
What's next?
How do we do better?

"Reducing footprints is a great place to start, but a tragic place to stop."
Greg Norris, Chief Scientist, ILFI, and Director, SHINE@MIT

Handprints: The Way to a Net Positive Impact

Measuring handprints - or positive impact - follows the same logic as measuring footprints. When added together, footprints and handprints determine an organization's net impact. They show us whether we're doing more good than harm, and leaving the world better off.

When measuring our net impact, we look at the entire life cycle.

"Imagine if manufacturing made the world a better place."
Living Product Challenge

Certified Living Products

Diffrient Smart chair

Diffrient Smart chair

Our Smart chair is one of the first ILFI-certified Living Products. Find out how its innovative design helps us create a positive impact on the planet.

Learn more

Float table

The Float table

The Float table, also a certified Living Product, is helping us turn our impact into a positive one.

Learn more

Help us create an energy handprint, and be part of a positive change in the world.

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Handprinting: The Positive Impact or our product life cycle | Humanscale
Humanscale is committed to handprinting. Learn more around how this impacts our product’s lifecycle.